[PARAFIELD] is the private area for
Paraglider which is at Yamabushi pass in Izu Skyline and
it's about 800 thousands square meters.
PARAFIELD overlooks Sabami Bay and you can see Mt.Fuji
behind there. Because the good wind has been coming from
Sagami Bay, everybody can fly for many hours while
enjoying the view. PARAFIELD is the most suitable for Paraglider.  

A-course for bigginers

This course has a safe slope for taking off smoothly. It's a
gerende for bigginers(Oneday-course and Master-course) to fly easily and safely.  

B-course for intermediate pilots

Thanks to the good wind, you can raise up the canopy smoothly and control your flight course easily.
This is a gerende for intermediate pilots(Master-course)
to improve your skill.

P1-course for intermediater and expert pilots 

This is a very wide gerende.It's suitable for you to be soaring.
You can improve your flight technique.  

P2-course for expert pilots

You can fly higher and higher if you are togather with sea breeze and thermal.
This course is for the most expert pilots who want to fly higher.

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