PARAFIELD is open all the year round (except for Tuesday)
We have some plan for you to fly safely and pleasantly.
If you fly at the biggining, you can join Oneday course or Master course.

※After you finish Oneday course, you can join Stepup Master course within three months.
※All prices are without taxes.

●Field Fee ¥2,000/day
※You need this fee every days when you join the school or fly at Parafield.

 Flyer registration fee  \3.500/year
 A license           Application fee  ¥1,000
 B license           Application fee  ¥3,000  
 Novice Pilot license

Application fee


The examination fee


Application fee of the examination

 Pilot license 

Application fee


The examination fee


Application fee of the examination

 Examination fee of flying skill about each   licenses  ¥1,000
※without taxes
※The charges of Oneday, Master and Stepup Master course includes the rental fee of the equipments.



  9:00  Application  Please fill in an application
  9:45  Class  You can fly for the first time
 after VTR for 15 minutes.
 11:30  Lunch break  Please take a break and have
 lunch at clubhouse.
 12:30  Class  You can fly again remembering
 the class of the morning.
 15:00  Recess  Did you enjoy? I pass you the
 card for the school.

※If you can't arrive on time,please ring us.If you are too late, you may not be able to join the school.

※If it's rainy or bad condition, you can join the school in the clubhouse. If it's bad condition and you can't fly,
you can come back to fly by free within 3 months.

※If you cancel the class, please ring us until 10:00 on the day.

※The schedule is variable depend on the wind condition.

clothes which you can move easily, A pair of gloves, Shoes which can hold your ankles. And your lunch (Some soft drink is available here)

Izutaga station on JR Ito line [9:15]

Pension AfterD's [9:20]

Guest house Miharashi [9:25]

Parafield [9:40]

 ●This schedule is possible to change for various reasons.
 ●Pick up point is in front of Izutaga station.
 ●If you come by taxi,you should go to Ajiro station.


 ※You need to have a reservation until the day before you join the school.
 ※The meeting time is 9:30 in the morning. And the class starts at 10:00.

Tuesday (except for national holidays)

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